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Bára Silvansdóttir – Hvør ert tú

Song written and produced by Alvin

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What is MBF?

An infomercial explaining what MBF is. Voiceover by Tóra við Keldu

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Maria á Lakjuni – Smílið

Musicvideo for Maria’s song “Smílið”. Video by Mikkjal

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Hans Andrias singing Bob Dylan

Hans Andrias singing Bob Dylan’s song Girl from the North Country

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Elinborg – Litir

Live performance by Elinborg. Raclip filmed and edited, as well as recorded and mixed the audio

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Sharing our stories

‘Sharing Our Stories’, a series launched by the integration office in Útlendingastovan highlighting the diversity of people found in the Faroe Islands.

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Learning some math

A musicvideo for Kular Røtur. The song is called “Roknisangurin” – “The mathmatic song” Filmed with Canon EOS 5d mIII and Nikon D800 Edited in Adobe Premiere, After Effects and Speedgrade  

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Voxbotn ’15

Documenting Voxbotn 2015. A day full of good music, held in the centre of Tórshavn, the capitol of Faroe Islands.

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HANS ANDRIAS – Hell Hounds

A musicvideo. It should be only a lyricvideo but escaleted quickly to become a musicvideo with Hans Andrias in it singing the song.

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KBI #1

A local store wanted an easy way to tell about their big sortment of things they sell.

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T.O.S. – Tíð og ævinleiki

Musicvideo produced for the faroese band Tollarir og syndarar.

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The G! wizards

We were asked to do 2 commercials for the G! festival alongside with Dávur Djurhuus. Dávur had some great ideas and we made them come to life with some greenscreening and a lot of fun.

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Win a car! ep.2

Well, another car is ready to be won in the faroese television game called Gekkur. Filmed with Nikon D800, edited in Adobe Premiere and After Effects

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Kitchen ad

Television ad made for Havnar Timburhandil. 25% of kitchens in November. Edited in After Effects. Audio edited and mixed in Audition. Adobe FTW!

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The G! grandma

Well.. To get elderly people to advertice for a youth event sure works. Here’s a proof of that. Petur Háberg and Filip Mortensen came up with the idea, and that nice grandma’s name is Gunnhild Michealsen.

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A cozy musicvideo

Hans Andrias recorded this song at Studio Bloch, and asked RACLIP to film a musicvideo for it. Offcourse! It is filmed at Miðstova, Klaksvík, an old house which holds many concerts etc.

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New place for rehab

Blue Cross is a Christian non-profit organization working in the field of treatment and prevention of alcohol and drug problems. RACLIP produced this informal film about their new home for rehab patients.

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Epic rain

When you got a bit time at your hand there is no need to be bored. Jákup was outside with some equipment and caught some rainy nature Shot with Nikon D800 and GoPro Hero3

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Live session

RACLIP is producing a row of live session music videoes, which will be published on Portal.fo every week. The first performance was by Jógvan Joensen and Maria Ljósá Johannesen. This one is shot with Nikon D800 and Canon 5d MarkIII …

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Faroese Chaindance

We joined in some Faroese chaindance in Febuary 2014, and brought our cameras.